Importers of antique and reproduction pine furniture from Great Britain and Europe

Custom Furniture and Finishing

Our reproduction furniture is made largely from reclaimed pine by skilled craftsmen in small workshops in the U.S.A. and in Europe.  

We design and commission some pieces based on the difficulty of finding original pieces of a particular type. Large farmhouse tables, long shallow sideboards, and small chests of drawers can be scarce so we have them made in the old way, to resemble old pieces. You can usually find a broad selection on this website.  

The Pine Mine also offers custom made tables and case goods, based on your design or ours, with a lead time of six to sixteen weeks from deposit to finished product. Your piece of furniture can be finished with English paste wax, to look like our polished antique pieces. It can be painted any colour on the colour wheel, or with a specialty paint like old fashioned milk paint, then distressed to simulate an old worn painted finish.  

It can be stained to blend with any sample you care to show us using our water-based wood stains, specially made in Europe for use on pine.

*We never say match. Wood is a natural product and can be unpredictable. The grain pattern, the natural colour of the wood, and any previous finishes stripped from the wood all affect final colour. So we say blend.








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