Importers of antique and reproduction pine furniture from Great Britain and Europe


The antique dealer's work is truly one of conservation and nowhere is this more true than in the field of antique pine furniture.  Many of the pieces shown on this website have languished for years, sometimes decades, unused, uncared for, often sadly neglected, in boxrooms, barns and outbuildings all over Europe.  A diffuse network of pickers and small dealers painstakingly gathers these rough diamonds piece by piece and funnels them to the larger dealers and restorers who will prepare them for the wholesale market.  Repairs are made, mostly using old materials, which is coloured to blend with the rest of the piece.  Often locks, feet and wooden knobs need to be replaced with new parts.

A piece with a sound original finish will usually be simply cleaned and presented just as it is, in as near original condition as possible, after only essential repairs have been made.  If the piece has been painted over, and sometimes over and over, and the paint is attractive and basically sound, it may be rubbed through to reveal the layers of earlier colour and deliver that worn and distressed painted finish that is so comfortable and rustic.  When an original finish has deteriorated beyond reclamation or when a piece is spoiled with later coats of paint, it will have all its old finish removed to reveal the natural grain pattern of the wood which, when polished to a warm honey glow, will enhance the beauty of any decor.  All of these pieces have truly been given a new lease on life.

Our broad selection of accessories consists of all recycled and repurposed pieces.  Antique and vintage farm tools are usually used decoratively but cheeseboards and baguette trays, bottles and dough bowls, coat pegs and halltrees, are still very useful around the house. Vintage grain sacks make great cushions and old enamel pots with handles are perfect for gathering kitchen scraps for composting. Dough bowls, or trogs, can be beautiful centrepieces or can gather the gloves or the mail by your front door.  Old plates and bowls can last almost forever and a hand-stitched throw or tablecloth preserves and displays the skill of the seamstress while adding character to your home. 

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