Importers of antique and reproduction pine furniture from Great Britain and Europe




In the 21st century, every concientious consumer should be trying to reduce his or her carbon footprint on the Earth.  There is no furniture more “green" than antique furniture.  Why spend money on new furniture which is often poorly constructed from inferior materials in a country with dubious labor practices?  

The resources used to produce antique furniture were invested decades ago.  Furniture construction then was from solid wood, using the traditional time-honored techniques of carpentry and joinery, by craftsmen whose skills were passed down to them through the generations.  

The hand cut dovetail, the pegged mortice and tenon joint, the panel bevelled by hand and the carved corbel still bear the scribe marks and pencilled numerals of a hundred years ago.  These features make your antique chest of drawers more than just a receptacle for clothing.  It is the living repository of an ancient craft which will add depth to your surroundings.  And it is recycled.  

Our pine reproductions are largely made from reclaimed wood from sources as varied as collapsed barns in Virginia and derelict factories in eastern Europe.  

Each piece is individually constructed in the old way by a skilled woodworker.  There is no plywood or particle board.  When you shop at The Pine Mine you buy old world craftsmanship and quality while withdrawing support from unethical labor practices and unsustainable exploitation of raw materials.  



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