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There can hardly be a more generic term for a piece of case furniture than "cupboard". Originally referring to a board on the wall on which cups or other vessels were hung, the term has expanded to embrace just about any case piece with doors, glazed or not. So we speak of the corner cupboard and the china cupboard, the pot cupboard and the linen cupboard. Here you will find cupboards of all sorts, grouped in their major classifications.

"A cupboard is a type of storage cabinet, often made of wood, used indoors to store household objects such as foodcrockery, textiles and liquor, and protect them from dust and dirt."

All Kitchen Cupboards/Dressers >

Miniature Irish Open Rack Dresser


Pine Two Piece Open Rack Dresser


Pine Glazed Buffet


Painted Pine Buffet


Cherrywood Glazed Corner Cabinet


Painted Pine and Oak Buffet


Pine Glazed Buffet


Pine Twelve Drawer Apothecary Cupboard


All Sideboards/Dresser Bases >

Pine Dresser Base


Pine and Beech Chiffonier


Pine Dresser Base


Pine Three Door Sideboard


Pine Dresser Base


Pine Dresser Base


Pine Sideboard


Pine Sideboard


Pine Sideboard


Pine Chiffonier


Pine Sideboard


Vintage Pine Shop Counter


Vintage Pine Shop Counter/Kitchen Island


Pine Four Door Sideboard


Painted Pine Dresser Base


Pine Painted Dresser Base


All Nightstands & Pot Cupboards

Painted Pine One-Door Base


All Hanging Cupboards >

Painted Pine Hanging Cupboard


Pine Glazed Wall Cupboard


All Other Cupboards >

Painted Pine Hanging Cupboard


Painted Pine Water Cupboard


Painted Pine Water Cupboard


Painted Pine Water Cupboard


Vintage Pine Two Door Corner Cupboard

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